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While selecting a student loan to finance one’s abroad education, students often forget to take grace and moratorium period in the consideration. In this discussion, we will try to provide in depth knowledge regarding Grace Period and the Moratorium Period. Since, these stages provide graduates with a momentary break from their immediate financial obligations as well as critical windows of time to plot their career trajectory. This investigation explores how crucial it is to take these times into account, understand their subtleties, and highlight how they contribute to a stable financial transition from student life to the wider world of international professions.

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Grace Period:

The grace period is a specified duration after graduation or completion of studies during which borrowers are not required to make repayments on their education loan. It allows students time to secure employment and stabilize their financial situation before commencing repayments. During the grace period, students are encouraged to focus on job searching, securing employment, and settling into their professional lives without the immediate burden of loan repayments.

Grace periods can vary, often ranging from 6 months to a year or more, depending on the lender’s policies.

Crucial Tip: While no repayments are required during the grace period, interest may continue to accrue on the outstanding loan amount.

Moratorium Period:

The moratorium period is a specific time frame during which the borrower, typically the student, is not required to make any principal or interest payments on the education loan. Moratorium periods usually cover the duration of the student’s course and a certain additional time post-completion (if included in the loan terms).

Crucial Tip: Depending on the loan, interest might accrue or not accrue during the moratorium period. Subsidized loans might not accrue interest during this time, while unsubsidized loans might.

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Purpose and Benefits:

  • Transition Period: Grace and moratorium periods give students a breather to concentrate on studies without immediate financial stress.
  • Job Search and Stability: These periods allow graduates to search for employment, secure a job, and stabilize their financial situation before starting loan repayments.
  • Planning Ahead: Students are advised to use this time wisely to plan finances, comprehend repayment terms, and explore job prospects.
  • Building a Financial Cushion: If feasible, students can save money during this period to create a safety net for future loan repayments.

Essential terms and conditions to review before choosing a loan:

  1. Interest Accrual: Students must comprehend whether interest accrues during the grace and moratorium periods, as it affects the total repayment amount.
  2. Loan Repayment Start Date: Understanding when repayments start after these periods helps in financial planning post-graduation.
  3. Currency Considerations for International Studies: Understanding currency swings throughout the grace and moratorium periods is crucial for students pursuing education abroad, since it affects the overall payback amount, particularly if the loan is priced in a different currency.

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