Renascence Global Marketing-Associates
Renascence Global invites applicants for the post of marketing officers for all the business operations. We look forward to creating a team of young, pleasing, and dynamic officers with deep market insights to complete the assigned nationwide targets. Usually, a marketing officer will:
  • Plan, prepare, and manage the publication and distribution of publicity materials.
  • Devise marketing campaigns
  • Organise a calendar of marketing events, such as dinners, promotions, exhibitions, product launches, workshops, open days, or fundraising activities
  • Represent the company at events
  • Undertake market research and establish the best way to reach target groups
  • Write, edit and proofread marketing material for use in different channels
  • Oversee and update the website(s)
  • Develop and communicate through the organization’s CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system
  • Coordinate with outside agencies, for example, designers, to produce marketing material such as stationery and web pages
  • Line manage a marketing assistant or coordinator
  • Analyse the impact of marketing campaigns and prepare measurement reports
  • Write press releases and communicate with the media
Key skills
  • Writing skills: Among the key skills a marketing officer needs to have is the ability to write copy. The medium will be varied – the web, email, brochures, newsletters, press releases – but all require engaging copy for them to successfully convey marketing messages.
  • Management and delegation skills: Often as a marketing officer you will have to manage others in the marketing team and delegate work to them.
  • Networking and communication skills: You will have to represent your company at events and be comfortable talking to potential customers, opinion formers, and suppliers.
  • Competitive salary: Marketing officers earn relatively high salaries. You can earn bonuses, commissions, and profit-sharing incentives based on the profits of the companies.
  • Transferable job skills: Marketing officers also learn valuable transferable job skills which they can use in future positions. These skills can help you to progress on to director and vice president positions in the future.
  • Varied work: Marketing officers get to work on a wider variety of activities from copywriting and PR to running campaigns and events.
  • Networking opportunities: You would have the opportunity to interact with different departments within the organization, allowing you to build connections and a solid reputation.
Relevant experience
  • The role of a marketing officer is not an entry-level role and some experience in a marketing or communications department will be expected. Experience in the sector you aim to work in – education, finance or the theatre, for example, can be a great help. The very least that will be expected is an experience in a customer-focused role.